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About Myself

I am Hybré van Niekerk, former Marketing Coordinator of Paarl Tourism and former Curator of Het Gesticht Slave Museum and proud owner of Paarl Historical Walk and Tours (PTY) LTD.

I have been working in the tourism industry for more than 10 years. My walking tours are listed as no 6 in Travelstartblog’s 20 Amazing things to do in the Cape Winelands, please view the blog written by Rebecca Houston, . I have also featured in articles published in “Die Burger”, Pick ‘n Pay’s Travel Ideas and “Vroue Keur”. In 2009 I had my television appearance on “Pasella” and again in 2015 on “DeKat TV” on Kyk Net.

My love for the history of Paarl started when I was in Grade 5, many moons ago. Here the names of Jan van Riebeeck, Abraham Gabbema, Arnoldus Pannevis and the names of the first 5 farms granted to free burghers never left my mind. Attending the celebrations in 1987 when Paarl turned 300 with my grandmother are precious memories I will cherish forever. As gifts at Faure Street Sport Stadium we received mugs, small drinking glasses and peak caps with the “Paarl 300” logo on it. As a 12 year old girl, it was the best day ever! I would like to dedicate this webpage to my grandmother; for ever since I can remember she used to tell me not to talk so much. I was the type of child that could not keep quiet, always had a story to tell. Today, as the owner of my own company and being an accredited provincial tourist guide, I am earning a living with my “gift” of talking too much!


To contribute to the growth of the economy of the Drakenstein Valley with the focus on promoting Paarl with the immediate surrounding towns in the Cape Winelands as one the top tourism destinations in South Africa. To give the late Dr Arnoldus Pannevis more exposure as an active role player and the force behind the “Afrikaans Language Movement”.


To offer an exclusive cultural experience to local and international visitors by means of a driven guided private tour or an historical walk. To do international and local marketing via social media platforms and the internet efficiently. Sharing the knowledge I have gathered through my experience in the tourism industry with both accuracy and enthusiasm.

guided tours

I will also be offering private guided tours with my vehicle for up to 4 guests; larger groups can be accommodated as well.

Here I will be focusing especially on the history of Paarl, including a cultural lunch and ending off with a wine tasting off course.

Full day or half day tours can be booked 24hours in advance.

A special vote of thanks

I would like to thank Marinus Pannevis, a blood relative to the late Dr Arnoldus Pannevis. Marinus believed in my vision to so much that he decided to sponsor my website.

Marinus wrote the following:

“In our modern times, where we communicate with smartphones and Apps, it is often forgotten how far we come, in communicating across language barriers. The creation of Afrikaans is such a nice example on how innovative minds in Paarl found ways to overcome language barriers in South Africa. Arnoldus Pannevis and the Taal-Genootschap played in this effort a driving role. As one of the extended family of Arnoldus Pannevis, I met Hybré van Niekerk 7 years ago in Paarl and was very much infected by her great enthusiasm and energy to tell the story of what happened in Paarl more than 150 years ago.

History can sometimes be a bit boring or remote. It becomes however very real when you walk the streets of Paarl and hear the stories that Hybré shares. It’s fascinating and educational at the same time for young and old. It is an honour for me that Hybré keeps some of my family history and the creation of Afrikaans alive.”